Reserve Zinfandel

2012 Napa Estate

Winemaker notes:
Selected from the best barrels of the vintage, this wine takes complexity and depth to another dimension. We search primarily for flavor purity, focus, length and balance, to produce wines that can be described as multilayered, and marry power with finesse. While balance and fruit encourage early consumption, these same characteristics, coupled with depth and structure, provide the basics for the refined integration and silken complexity that comes to our Reserves after a decade or more.

Tasting notes:

Occupying a mountainside at the head of the Napa Valley, Zinfandels were first planted here in 1883. It is a grape unusually well adapted to the red clay loam soils, eastern exposures and microclimate of our hillside estate. The vines are hand tended, from pruning through picking. The crop is severely regulated, with two green harvests in May and August, to maintain just the right amount of grapes on each vine, averaging 2 to 2.5 tons per acre. No insecticides or herbicides have been used in all these years, and we are now CCOF certified organic growers.




    Napa Valley, Estate




    September 20 to October 30


    16 months French and American Oak


    April 2014


    536 cases

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